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About us

Solemn realtors Pvt. Ltd. Is a venture of Sh. Shyam tandon. Solemn group has interests in jewellery exports, commodities, warehousing and port business in south America and more. The company is coming up with a project of prefabricated low cost housing solutions for India and neighboring countries.

It started in the year 2014 when Mr. Shyam tandon travelled to brazil for attending the brics summit along with a high level business delegation to explore business opportunities and with a vision to provide low cost housing solutions to the country.

While interacting with counterparts at the summit and during the course of various business meetings , Mr. Tandon witnessed a presentation of a multinational company offering prefabricated low cost housing solutions with patented sandwich foam cement technology. By that time Mr. Tandon has already travelled extensively all over the world to search for a viable housing solution suited for our country but did not find a perfect solution. This technology provides everything that is required in terms of costing, durability and ease of use. After returning from the brics summit Mr. Tandon visited the manufacturing facilities of the company at two locations along with his team of engineers to understand the technical aspects of the technology and whether it is viable for India or not. It was obvious to him that this is the technology suited best for our country and can solve the biggest challenge of our country at this time, to provide low cost housing solutions and which can be erected in a short span of time.

It took more than one and a half year in all this ground work and after series of meetings and negotiations with the company, Mr. Tandon has signed an exclusive agreement for distribution and manufacturing of these houses in India and saarc countries. The USP of this technology is that panels of any size can be manufactured thus enabling a versatile use and applications of this technology.